PC Solution

LOAA On-Point Pro

LOAA On-Point Pro is a software that enables users to perform an integrated analysis of Dr. PCR's test results by creating a project and an effective project management


  • Create, edit, and save projects
  • Up to 24 test result can be brought up for the management
  • Enable to select/disable only certain test results from imported test results
  • Display selected results on the screen
  • Remove specific graphs from selected test results
  • Appling filters to selected results to display new results on the screen
  • Saving the selected results under a different name
  • Display multiple results on the screen (Scatter chart, Ratio, Event, List)

Dr.PCR Analyzer

Dr. PCR Analyzer is a software, analyzing the test results of LOAA instrument (On-Point)


  • Check test results of Dr. PCR
  • Sellection and zoom in/out on a certain well of Dr. PCR cartridge
  • Identifying graphs on a certain well of Dr. PCR cartridge
  • Analyzing test graphs per channel
  • Multiple filtering options

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